Arizona Redbirds
LOGO Arizona.fw
Team Information
Team Colors      Red      Gold
Location Arizona, United States
Passing Golden Star Golden Star Golden Star
Rushing Golden Star Golden Star
Rush Defense Golden Star Golden Star
Pass Defense Golden Star Golden Star
Special Teams Golden Star

The Arizona Redbirds are an American football team in Axis Football League and Axis Football League 2014. Their logo portrays a red cardinal's head above a silver wordmark, which reads their nickname. The Redbirds owned one of the best offenses in the league in the original game, with a five-star rating, but skyrocketed to the bottom in the 2014 version.


 QB #13      K. Wasin   
 RB #37  K. Lenters      
RB #39   D. Williams         
 TE  #85  L. Hoover      
WR  #11   L. Franklin      
WR   #81  G. Reen       
WR #82   B. Adleman   


 FS #21       N. Otonme      
 SS #40  T. Pillman          
 CB #24  W. Alshon           
 CB  #35 W. Williams          
  LB #98    C. Razie      
  LB #93  T. Hunder        
  LB #99  C. Mezer      
  LB #94 V. Ankman 
  DE #90 D. Dockett        
  DE #92  D. Donovan    
  DT #97 S. Rice      
  DT #95  I. Biggs        

Special TeamsEdit

 KR  #11   L. Franklin      
 PR #40        T. Pillman  

Trivia Edit

  • The Redbirds are the Axis Football League's equivalent of the real-life NFL team, the Arizona Cardinals.
  • The team appears in both games, although the gold color is added to their logo in Axis Football League 2014.

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